RSC - Advancing the Chemical Sciences

The 18th Joint Annual Conference of CSCST-SCI

17th Sep 2011 @ University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


The summary of this conference can be found on the official CSCST-UK website.

If you have booked an accommodation or fomal dinner in Newnham College on 16th Sep, please note:p>

Some members of our local committee will wait for you at the porter's lodge of Newnham College (starting from 4pm) and help you settle down. Please make sure you can be there on time, otherwise contact us at now. By the way, there is a small parking lot in Newnham College, and you can leave your vehicle there.


"The New Generation of Chemical and Biological Technology" is the annual event in the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK (CSCST-UK) and the Society of Chemical Industry-Chinese UK Group (SCI-CS). The first meeting of this international renowned conference was held in 1994, and since then the conferences have alternated on annual basis across many cities in the UK. The previous Oxford 17th conference held in 2010 have attracted over 180 delegates from a range of research fields including green chemistry, sustainable energy, materials, chemical engineering, environment protection and industries, establishing it as one of the best professional and premier conference organized by Chinese societies in the UK.


The conference traditionally provides a showcase for exceptional researchers in the core area of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials covering all aspects of contemporary research topics and aims to promote academic communications, interactions and collaborations by contributed talks and extensive poster sessions.


The Cambridge 18th conference will reviews current research developments in chemical and biological technology and highlight future challenges, covering:


  • Energy and sustainability

    Topics: photovoltaics; batteries; supercapacitors; fuel cells; carbon capture; hydrogen and gas storage.

  • Advanced technologies and materials

    Topics: carbons; organics; inorganics; hybrids; nanomaterials; composites; colloids; crystalline solids; thin film; anti-erosion.

  • BioResources and Biotechnology

    Topics: food and agriculture; biomineralization; pharmaceutical; biomaterials; bioenergy; pollution cleanup and clean processing.


  • Advanced Processing and Modeling

    Topics: process optimization; experimental design; parameter estimation; nanoparticle modelling; computational fluid dynamics; reactor modelling; quatum chemistry calculation.


Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is listed in the CSCST-UK website .

Local Committee

Chair: Dr.Yunfeng Gu, University of Cambridge, UK



Dr Lan Chen,University of Cambridge, UK

Minyu Zeng,University of Cambridge, UK

Chen Chen, University of Cambridge, UK

Min Zhang, University of Cambridge, UK

Xiaohua Sun,University of Cambridge, UK

Dongping Chen,University of Cambridge, UK

Wei Wang, University of Cambridge, UK

Tao Wang, University of Cambridge, UK

Xuejiao Xu,University of Cambridge, UK

Xue Gong, University of Cambridge, UK

Wen-Hui (Kevin) Kuo, University of Cambridge, UK